NORA HAIR SALON 10th Anniversary Exhibition, NORA × HAISHAKKEI- End of play, Beginning of narrative.

NORA HAIR SALON 10th Anniversary Exhibition, NORA × HAISHAKKEI - End of play, Beginning of narrative.


We will have group exhibition in hair salon called “NORA” in AOYAMA,

Period:  2017. JAN. 8- 2017. Apr. 30 

We are running Artist run space since 2009 called “ HAISHAKKEI” in local area of Ibaraki prefecture, and we have been collaborate with NORA since 2011.

NORA it self was started from 2007 there for this year would be 10th anniversary, and we are going to celebrate with various kinds of artists Artists are ABE Nyubo, OSHIO Hiroko, OJUN, GOJI Ryunosuke, SHAKE [Taiwan], SHINODA Morio, SUGIMOTO Katsuya, TAKAKURA Yoshinori, NAKAMURA Hiroshi, NISHIHARA Nao, FUJIWARA Ayato, MTSUURA Haruna, MIYAJIMA Yoichi, YAMAUCHI Kishin, YAMAGUCHI Souichi, Rosanna Vibe [Norway].

The word “NORA” were taken from  “A Doll's House” (1879) by Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen, the story was end when she left her home, therefor  we are trying to make afterword of her story by using our art works in order to celebrate NORA’s 10th anniversary. 



Date : 28, JAN, 2017- 30, APL, 2017


Venue : NORA HAIR SALON / 5-3-10 FROM-1st BF, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 


Open hour : Weekday / 12:00〜22:00, SAT / 11:00〜20:00, SUN& National holiday / 11:00〜19:00


Artists : ABE Nyubo, OSHIO Hiroko, OJUN, GOJI Ryunosuke, SHAKE, SHINODA Morio, SUGIMOTO Katsuya, TAKAKURA Yoshinori, NAKAMURA Hiroshi, NISHIHARA Nao, FUJIWARA Ayato, MTSUURA Haruna, MIYAJIMA Yoichi, YAMAUCHI Kishin, YAMAGUCHI Souichi, Rosanna Vibe [ Order of the Japanese syllabary]


Planning and Management : Haishakkei Co. / ABE Nyubo, OSHIO Hiroko, TAKAKURA Yoshinori

Flyer&Caption design : OSHIO Hiroko    

English&Norwegian concept : Rosanna Vibe

Letter : OSHIO Hiroko, Rosanna Vibe

*Itazu Litho-Grafik 



The play has ended, but the narrative is just beginning. 

NORA hair salon was started in 2007. The salon is named in honor of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s most famous heroine, Nora, from the play “A Doll's House” (1879).

The play tells Nora’s story as she starts facing doubts about the meaning of her comfortable upper class family life, where she is treated as a dependant possession. In a time where a woman leaving her husband and children in this manner was a scandalous and unthinkable thing, her radical choice of independence was inspiring and provocative, not only for the women's liberation cause, but symbolic also of every human being’s right to forage his or her own path.

In the play, Nora exclaims to her husband - 

I believe that before all else I am a human being, just as much as you are—or at least that I should try to become one. I know that most people agree with you, Torvald, and that they say so in books. But henceforth I can't be satisfied with what most people say…I must think things out for myself, and try to get clear about them.

Her life is not a passive doll’s life; she has the freedom to teach herself, shaping her own way, liberated from the influence and expectations of others.

In the last scene of the play, her husband pleads with her to stay. In response, she exclaims - 

Oh, then the miracle of miracles would have to happen…I no longer believe in miracles.

She does not look back as she leaves.

If the miracle Nora is referring to is the ability to relate to each other with mutual respect, as equal human beings, we can further consider that this is always a relevant challenge; respecting and considering the other party’s self-sufficiency.

Nora dares to throw away the safety of her sheltered life, and leaves taking only what she can carry. 


Henrik Ibsen never wrote a continuation to his play; although many have thought up alternative scenarios, no one can know for sure what became of Nora. However, if we decide to live by Nora's example, we may be able to discover a new narrative for ourselves.





Letter to Nora

Hello, Nora. How is going you?

When you leave from this house, How many years gone?

I feel it’s a before moment or 10 years ago.

In past time , you and I couldn’t have image about now.

Your way is very different with me, of course  we were seeing another point of view.

Because please tell me your choice and view in the future.

I finally could  realize it. We had choice another way.

So can you face to face with you?

Did you find your beauty? 

What kind of color about your world?

Were you making new age?


Where are you going from here now?




Noras eksempel har tillatt oss alle å vurdere muligheten for at våre repetitive, kontrollerte liv inneholder potensialet for noe mer. Konfrontert med det triste gjørmebelegget vi noen ganger føler dekker alle flatene av hverdagen - det som limer deg til sete og sømløst til personen ved siden av deg på det overfylte pendlertoget til jobben om morgenen - er det visjonærens jobb å knekke overflaten og avsløre det levende kjøttet som skjuler seg under; å være katalysator til en eksplosiv og vakker reaksjon. Som kunstnere forsøker vi alle å tilrettelegge for et slikt møte. Mens vi skaper disse nye fortellingene i Noras ånd, håper jeg vi kan dra med oss så mange uskyldige tilskuere som mulig med oss inn i dragsuget. 


English translation: 

Noras example has led the way to allow all of us to consider the possibility that our mundane and controlled lives contain the potential for something more. In the face of the drab mud coating we sometimes feel covers every surface of our everyday experiences, gluing you to your seat and seamlessly to the person next to you on the crowded train as you commute to work, it is the visionary's job to crack that surface and expose the living flesh underneath; to be the catalyst of an explosive and beautiful reaction. As artists we all aspire to be this character. While we create these new narratives in Nora’s spirit, I hope we can sweep as many innocent bystanders with us as possible into the current.




Kjære Nora,

Det har tatt meg så lang tid å forstå hva som drev deg med slik fryktløshet ut i det ukjente, men ekkoet av motet ditt har fulgt meg siden, her jeg sitter igjen, ankret fast av tyngden av mitt eget behov for å holde deg nede. 

Enda har jeg nok ikke helt tatt det innover meg. 

Jeg lengter etter forståelsen og klarheten du tok med deg ut døra den dagen. 

Jeg undervurderte deg lenge - men det svake i meg har siden den gang begynt å bli avdekket stykke for stykke. Svaret jeg har tørstet etter føler jeg må i være i denne altoppslukende trangen til å forstå deg. 

Jeg tror det er nødt til å være der løsningen ligger.








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photo by IIJIMA Yusuke







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