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「リストグループ×拝借景」in 田町
「 リストグループ×拝借景 will touch the world 」

それは、横浜に本社をかまえるリスト サザビーズ インターナショナル リアルティ 社が

Hello everyone this time we want to introduce about our new challenge with
List Sotheby's International Realty.  That is exactly the exhibition, however held in normal office.
The exhibition were opened by 11 artists whom located to Haishakkei.


This is one of the answer from our question which has to have alternative function to this society.
Normally the exhibition is only open to private customers, but if you tell them about this exhibition and
also write the name of List Sotheby's International Realty the gate will open for you.
Please come and stop by for this new form of exhibition.

阿部乳坊 Abe Nyubo、大塩博子 Ooshio Hiroko、海谷慶 Kaiya Kei、桐生眞輔 Kiryu Shinsuke、
草川誠 Kusakawa Maokoto、杉本克哉 Sugimoto Katsuya、傍嶋崇 Sobajima Takashi、
高倉吉規 Takakura Yoshinori、藤林悠 Fujibayashi Haruka、松浦春菜 Matsuura Haruna、
三浦高宏 Miura Takahiro

<会期> 2015年 4月1日〜6月30(火)
<時間> 9:00〜17:00
<会場> List Sotheby's International Realty 田町 
     森永プラザビル本館 港区芝5-33-1 JR田町駅徒歩1分


拝(to have the heart of appreciation)
借(the place has been renting )
景(in order to make new landscape)
If the place was temporary for someone or for someone who just renting even though we want to have appreciation to the place, then make alternatives value by install our art works, that was the concept when we started Haishakkei.
At first there were only few artists to live in this leased house at Toride town Ibaraki prefecture then the place was used for gathering, but one of our resident went abroad to study we have decided to open exhibition “HAISHAKKEI” as farewell party. After we had this exhibition the place itself has started to change form as hub station for people who belongs to ART.
So for these reason to have exhibition is one of methods to present our concept.
These days people are disconnected in everywhere everything goes into digital, however we are working to have exhibition in order to make new landscape for the place where we located.

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